How to Compose Music with SECRET COMPOSER™

Discover the secrets that working composers use every day with SECRET COMPOSER,™ the fully interactive music composition software program.

  • Learn how to compose music from an experienced Hollywood composer.
  • Interactive lessons for all music levels: Beginner through Advanced.
  • Behind-the-music secrets not available in any other software program.
  • Innovative Composition tutorials AND a user friendly music reference guide.
  • No new software to learn – runs in your web browser.
  • Concise theory and orchestration lessons get you composing quickly.

Whether you are already an experienced composer or just a beginner, SECRET COMPOSER™ will help you through the creative process of composing and orchestrating your music.

“He is definitely a talented composer with refreshing, unusual ideas.
I can recommend him very highly.”

—Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Karel Husa, writing about
Secret Composer’s co-creator, Gary Guttman

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