This course is superb! In a few words you get to the point. This is the best composition manual I’ve ever read. Thank you very much! When will Secret Composer 2 come up? It’s bound to be a hit.
—Manuel Angel Beltran, Spain

I purchased Secret Composer and truly it is the best product in software or book form that I have ever encountered on music theory and composition. I have about twenty books on music theory and composition, including several on film scoring, but none of them come close to your very PRACTICAL and INTERACTIVE experience of learning music composition. I look forward to a volume II if that ever comes, but I am not sure how you could top what you have already done. Hard to improve on perfection!
—Dr. Randall Oelerich, Minnesota

I stumbled across this absolutely stunning program called “Secret Composer”. It has extensive sections on music theory, harmony, orchestration and so on – but its section on composition is geared for film scoring and is nothing short of magnificent. For anyone into film / media music it really is exquisite.
—Kevin Nolan, Ireland

I have had ‘Secret Composer’ for almost 1 week now. And it is even better than the demo. It is the best thing on the subjects of music theory, music composition, and orchestration that I have EVER found on the internet, and I have been looking for this kind of course for years.
—Neil Schuck, Pennsylvania

I love the program so far. Every lesson is great and useful for my personal compositions and great for teaching my music theory class…thanks for the great software!
—James Handshoe, Indiana

This is exactly the program and support I have been looking for. As a filmmaker, I often need to speak in a musical language to my composer and I lacked the knowledge and skill to identify instrumentation and phrasing. Secret Composer allows me to define my musical imagination in tangible terms and create melodies and support without fear. Congratulations on a job well done.
—Julian Grant, award-winning film maker and director/producer of the RoboCop: Prime Directives TV miniseries.

I am always looking for any program that deals with composing music, and yours is the best I have found. Most PC composition programs are lame and basic. Plus, I am really flabbergasted because I am an aspiring media composer (videogames, websites, anything) and your software is exactly what I have been looking for. The chapters on moods is truly something unique. I will no doubt pass the word!
—Luigi P., United Kingdom

I want to thank you for your brilliant encyclopedia “Secret Composer”, reading it really inspires me.
—Jean Beketaev, The Netherlands

Wow, what an amazing creation and accomplishment. Thank you for your service to musicians and composers everywhere.
—Adam Malin, California

When should I start looking forward to SC II? SC is the best music program ever. Please keep me informed.
—Baba, Alaska

Secret Composer is really the BEST!!! Every end of a chapter I would like to email you to thank you. I am a professional musician but music first is a dream and then it becomes business. You teach us how to make our dreams come true!!!
—Paulo Fernandi, Brazil

Actors have a game they play to practice, like charades. You get assigned an emotion and then you have to express it – using just your face, without speaking – and the other players try to guess it. I don’t know how many composers here have the skills to do that with music. Can you write a 5-second cue that immediately communicates the mood “magical”? Or “noir”? How about harder ones like “angry” or “reminiscent”?
…..This is what the Quick Tricks are all about. Each Quick Trick cue is a miniature score that combines a half dozen musical elements. Then the lesson dissects each bit, says why that part and that instrument help create the effect/mood/color that they do, and shows how they all fit together. In a word, this is really effective teaching.
…..Finally there are Composition Moods which is basically doing the Quick Trick technique on a much larger scale with some of the most common moods you’ll encounter in film music. What can I say, these are just great.
—Review excerpt from youngcomposers.com

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