Q – What exactly is Secret Composer?
A – Secret Composer is actually two programs in one: a music composition guide and a reference manual. The composition guide contains fast paced, interactive composition lessons. The reference manual contains musical information not found in the composition guide. The composition guide and the reference manual have been designed to interact seamlessly with each other.

Q – Can you record music with Secret Composer?
A – No. Secret Composer is not a sequencer for transcribing your own music. There are many programs on the market that sequence music. But none of those programs contain anywhere near the amount of information you will learn from Secret Composer. Nor are those other programs willing to share the hidden “secrets” of composing that Secret Composer reveals.

Q – If Secret Composer is so unique, why is it so inexpensive?
A – Because there is no sequencing software in Secret Composer, we are able to keep the cost down. Secret Composer was created by just two people – a successful Hollywood composer and an innovative software programmer. This has allowed us to keep the product affordable for everyone. (For more information about the creators, go to the About page of this web site).

Q – Will Secret Composer work on my computer?
A – Simply test the demo found on the demo page of this web site. If all the functions in the demo are working, then the complete program will work the same way on your computer. As a matter of fact, because of the technology involved, the actual product will run even faster on your computer than the demo does.

Q – What software do I need to run Secret Composer?
A – Secret Composer is an internet browser based program. All you need is a current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari. (The latest release (6/9/2012) does not run on Chrome.) You don’t even need to be connected to the internet. You just need to have browser software installed in your computer.

You will also need a Flash Player to be able to play Flash files. If your computer doesn’t already have one, a player can be easily downloaded from the internet. Download a Flash Player from Adobe.

Q – How much musical training do I need to use Secret Composer?
A – If you can read the treble clef and the bass clef, you are ready to start learning with Secret Composer.

Q – Won’t the lessons be too simple for some and too difficult for others?
A – Secret Composer has been designed to teach music composition to the beginner student as well as the very advanced student. Simply look over the lessons and find the starting point that most suits your study interests or needs.


Q – What are the system requirements needed to run Secret Composer?
A – Secret Composer should run perfectly on any PC that runs recent versions of either Internet Explorer or Firefox, or on any Mac that runs recent versions of either Safari or Firefox. It should play on other browsers as well. But the single best answer is to simply test our demo, found on the demo page. If the demo works on your computer, so will the complete product.

Q – How much storage space does Secret Composer require?
A – Secret Composer contains over 900 digital music examples and animations. The full program, including these files, requires 290Mb of storage space.

Q – I can’t get any of the musical examples to play. What is wrong?
A – All the music files are Flash files. Make sure you have installed Flash player on your computer. Download a Flash Player from Adobe.

Q – I’m still not able to run Secret Composer. What’s wrong?
A – There are probably other issues going on with your computer, unrelated to Secret Composer. Secret Composer is coded like a web site so it should play on virtually any computer that runs Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari. (The latest release (6/9/2012) does not run on Chrome.) If you are still having trouble, send us an e-mail from the Contact page, and we might be able to suggest a solution to your problem.

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