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by Gary Guttman

Welcome to the Secret Composer blog, where I’ll share with you what I know about music composition. With over 35 years of music composition experience, I have a wealth of information for you. And because I’ve been a working Hollywood composer for the last 25 – recording my music with some of the best orchestras in the world – I think you’ll find this information stimulating and valuable for your music writing.

Because you’ve found this blog, you’re presumably interested in learning about music composition. In the blog entries to come, I will reveal secrets and tricks of the trade that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. But this introductory blog post serves another purpose: to tell you about our new, groundbreaking Secret Composer™ software. We created our unique software so that any musician, of any skill level, can learn to compose music. Secret Composer™ will transform how you hear, think and breathe your music. Our lessons are interactive, fast paced and entertaining.

Whether your musical interests include classical, jazz, pop, rock or even hip hop, Secret Composer™ is for you. It’s been designed not only to expand your knowledge of music composition, but also to encourage your personal creativity at your own pace.

Secret Composer teaches only what you need to know, when you need to know it. Years ago, I had the honor of studying music composition with the great composer, Karel Husa. But you might not have the same opportunity to study with a teacher who meets your musical needs.

That is why we designed Secret Composer™ to function as your private teacher. We teach you just the relevant information you will need to accomplish your specific goals. Learning to compose music should not feel like studying for an exam. It should be a fun experience.

In upcoming blog entries, I will share my creative insights, knowledge and experience. We hope you visit us often. Let Secret Composer™ transform your musical world.

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